Aristocrat Snooker Table from Riley

Demonstration of the Aristocrat Snooker Table being constructed on-site.
Manufactured from the finest Mahoganies and Hardwoods
Galvanised steels for optimum response along the entire length of the cushion
Strachan cloth, as specified for all professional tournaments
Italian 5 piece slate, precision honed by laser creating the optimum playing surface
Vertical drop slate as per Tournament specification
Slate support brackets ensure slates are balanced to the frame
Pocket leathers using the best quality hides. Pocket openings comply with WSA official template specifications
Delivery & Installation by Riley Qualified Fitters.

The UKBiz.TV production team were really pleased to have filmed the making of this fantastic snooker table.

UKBiz.Tv work with BCE / Riley

Recently, BCE/ Riley has launched the patented WAC technology — weight adjustable cue — which allows the player to match the weight of their snooker cue or pool cue to their own playing requirements.

It also brings the centre of gravity of the snooker cue or pool cue more towards the centre of the cue, which is where a professional snooker player or pool player would balance their custom made cue.

The UKBiz.TV production team having been working with BCE / Riley for nearly a year producing infomercials for their games tables and promo videos for their range of snooker cues.

Here we filmed Mark Selby talking about the WAC snooker cue.