UKBiz.Tv work with BCE / Riley

Recently, BCE/ Riley has launched the patented WAC technology — weight adjustable cue — which allows the player to match the weight of their snooker cue or pool cue to their own playing requirements.

It also brings the centre of gravity of the snooker cue or pool cue more towards the centre of the cue, which is where a professional snooker player or pool player would balance their custom made cue.

The UKBiz.TV production team having been working with BCE / Riley for nearly a year producing infomercials for their games tables and promo videos for their range of snooker cues.

Here we filmed Mark Selby talking about the WAC snooker cue.

UKBiz.TV work with Sculpture School

The Sculpture School’s online training courses are designed by Master Sculptor Andrew Sinclair ARBS, to teach you his tricks of the trade, learned in over 20 years of professional sculpting. This course will allow you to learn, in a practical fashion and using a variety of teaching materials, the basics of creating an armature, which is the essential first step in creating figurative sculpture.  Within 24 hours of your registration, we will email you the course materials containing The Sculpture School’s armature patterns.   You will need the documents provided to enable you to follow the practical instruction video, delivered by Andrew, in the online learning portal.The documentation and learning portal together, will allow you to learn how to make armatures, guided at every stage by the master of his art, Andrew Sinclair.We will be expanding the content in The Sculpture School’s online learning portal over the next few months.  If there is a particular aspect of sculpture that you would like us to include, or any comments, please get in touch, we’d love to hear your feedback.



Winston Churchill Animation


From when I was a child I marvelled at all cartoon programmes and was fascinated with how they were made.  What patience and skills the old Disney animators had and what a vision in pulling these drawings together to create a movie – simply fantastic.

Of course, these days their seems to be software that does everything and it is simply a minefield out there – trying to work out what is good and will it create what you have in your mind.

We were clear in what we we wanted to achieve as our first foray into animation.  We wanted to take a still picture and animate the head complete with lip-sync to audio.

We believe there is a market in bringing to life a dedicated character specifically designed to support the brand of a company.

If we could then add a suitable voice, lip-sync and animate we could then add this character to specific pages of a website to highlight and event or a service.

We will be bringing you more thoughts and examples of this but until then here is our first dabble with the great Winston Churchill.

All feedback, thoughts and discussion welcome.



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Hi World

We are a bunch of creatives believing that the time for professional video has finally arrived, we will be letting you know what we have been up to and bringing you interesting and hopefully useful information that will help you maximise your use of video.

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