Product Videos Increase Buyer Confidence 57%

Study Shows Web Videos Reassure 57% Of Buyers, Melbourne Video Production Expert Says It Influences More Than Just Purchases
The release of a recent study by ecommerce consultants Invodo showed the use of web videos bolstered buyer confidence by 57%. Video production expert at Melbourne Video Production says it effects more than just conversions, “When looking at those stats, to me it’s clear web video has become a virtual relationship builder.”

Product Videos Increase Buyer Confidence 57%
This is reality, it’s how businesses will build relationships with their customers. It’s no longer face to face, it’s online with web video.
Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) March 31, 2013

In the last quarter of 2012, ecommerce consultants Invodo commissioned a study where the results show 57% of buyers are more confident making a purchase online if a web video of the product is present. Long time video production expert and owner of Melbourne Video Production David Jenyns responded to the study saying “Although great, web videos go beyond just providing a 360 view of a product. For internet-based business, online video is truly the only way to start, develop and maintain relationships with your clients.”
The world of business has come a long way over the past century. The era of buying and selling in a physical space with face-to-face communication is now replaced with solitary decision-making via small electronic devices. As online shopping picks up pace, human interaction in the marketplace is dwindling, making developing customer relationships and loyalty a real challenge for business.
Until web video came along, website owners had no way to replicate the natural connection that personal interaction creates. Web video expert David remarks, “Up to now, online businesses were extremely limited in how they presented their products and themselves, which made shopping online a real cold, unfriendly environment.”
The recent Invodo study showed that online buyers gain significant purchasing confidence when they see a web video of the product first. Although impressed with the statistics, David asserts that “web videos do more than just display products for better view. Web video is the only way online businesses can show who they really are as people.”
The video expert continues, “Of course buyer conversion is important and videos clearly increase the chances for a browser to become a buyer, but don’t just use this amazing tool as a menu for items. Use it as a way to connect with customers – it will gain your business loyalty as your clients get to know you.”
Being a long-time contributor to the internet marketing and web video industry David says, “Over the years, I’ve watched the popularity of online businesses grow and all along I could see they’d eventually become capped by their inability to effectively connect with their consumers.”
The video marketing expert says that other than influencing the purchase of products online, “Web video unleashes so much potential for an online business, from product views to relationship building to search engine optimisation.”
David’s company Melbourne Video Production provides web video packages to a wide array of businesses ranging from professional services to ecommerce stores. He sites the more popular packages being company history, testimonial, and frequently asked questions. “This is reality, it’s how businesses will build relationships with their customers. It’s no longer face to face, it’s online with web video.”
David closes by saying, “It shouldn’t take a study to prove that web video is the way forward, but now with that impressive report out, businesses who aren’t using web video need to make that step or be left behind.” To learn more about Melbourne Video Production’s web video packages and hire products, visit
About Melbourne Video Production
Melbourne Video Production is a division of, a full service search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy, based in Australia, but with a worldwide client base.
Melbourne Video Production has the unique ability to combine their web video expertise with strategic SEO practices from Melbourne SEO.
Director, David Jenyns, has, over several years, built a team of experts who are niche experts to support the business, and who share his ethos for ethical, professional internet marketing and web video.

YouTube Launches Tokyo Video Production Studio

Google’s investment in original content has resulted in state-of- the-art studios in the U.S. and Europe, which allow up-and-coming talent to access the tools needed to produce higher-quality content for YouTube viewers around the world. Now the company has extended this initiative into Asia with a new facility in Japan called YouTube Space Tokyo.

The new production studio is housed in the Roppongi Hills building complex, the same high-end location into which Apple recently moved its Japan headquarters, and a location that puts the facility at the center of Tokyo’s international business community, with close proximity to the creative class in nearby Shibuya.

Much like the YouTube studio launched in London this time last year, the Tokyo space will offer YouTube partners advanced editing and video production tools, screening rooms, professional training, as well as dedicated recording spaces, a valuable commodity in the pricey and often cramped confines of central Tokyo. Google has already posted photos of the new space, revealing a fully functional professional studio that will likely attract some of the country’s best undiscovered talent.

To show off the kind of productions possible in the new space, YouTube posted a short video (below) called “Stalking Vampire” from local group Squash Films. Although clearly low-budget, the video nevertheless gives viewers an idea of what might be possible with the production resources YouTube Japan is making available to its partners. The new production space is particularly significant in Japan, a market in which obtaining international rights to locally produced content can often be a long, drawn out process that sometimes results in limited exposure for Japanese video content.

Google’s vice president of content operations, Tom Pickett, told The Newt Web that Google “built the YouTube Space Tokyo as a way to support the incredible wave of Japanese creativity we have seen develop among our YouTube Partners over the last few years. The Space is an investment in these creators to support their quest to make even better videos and build even bigger global audiences.”

New Tubifi Collaboration Features Accelerate Video Production in the Cloud

Tubifi’s Online Video Platform Eliminates Geographic Constraints, Enabling Teams to Edit, Review, Approve and Publish Business Videos in the Cloud for the First Time

BURLINGTON, MASS. — Tubifi today introduced powerful new collaboration features in its online video production platform, enabling teams to work together on video projects in the cloud for the first time.

The new Tubifi features enable multiple creative professionals, no matter where they are located, to work together producing, editing, reviewing and publishing video projects. Tubifi collaboration eliminates geographic constraints, reduces costs, improves quality, and dramatically accelerates production of business videos.

Tubifi now is the only cloud video production platform that enables creative professionals to:

Collaborate on creation of videos in the cloud using a robust Final Cut Pro-compatible online video editor and other production tools.
Post preview videos with interactive commenting for clients and other reviewers and approvers.
Search for stock media from a database integrating millions of video, audio and still clips from the world’s leading content libraries; immediately assemble and preview comps in the online editor’s timeline; and purchase only the clips that will be used.
Permanently store their video assets in a personal Tubifi account with up to 100 gigabytes of free online storage.
“Tubifi is the only online video platform that lets users invite others to work on their projects, then post rough cuts for client review,” said Tubifi CEO Martin Heller.

How Tubifi Cloud Video Collaboration Works

A video creator who wants to work with others sends email invitations with a login code enabling them to work on the project. All collaborators have the same view of the project on the Tubifi platform. The host can purchase stock footage for the project, and any collaborator can search for and post preview stock clips into the timeline. Any collaborator can also upload footage into the project.

When a project is ready to show a client, the creators email an invitation to reviewers with a URL to open a Composition Preview window that displays the video along with a form for submitting comments. Once the client has approved a rough cut in the cloud, the creators can buy the stock footage to be used, and the full-resolution footage will automatically replace the low-resolution proxies in the composition.

Project creators can then export the media assets from the Tubifi cloud editor directly to their desktops for additional effects and editing. Media exports are Final Cut Pro 7 file-compatible for seamless desktop editing. If their projects don’t require additional finishing, they can publish their HD videos to the web directly from the Tubifi platform.

“Tubifi is a perfect complement to, not a replacement for, Final Cut Pro and other desktop nonlinear video editors,” said Heller. “By giving video professionals cloud-based tools that integrate smoothly with their existing workflows on the desktop, we help them save time and money and improve quality. For the first time, video editing and production can be a true collaboration.”

Launch of Solar System at Ikea

UKBiz.TV recently filmed presentations that took place at Ikea Milton Keynes to launch a partnership between them and Hanergy Holding Group Limited. The following is their press release:

Hanergy to launch thin film solar systems in IKEA stores
Hanergy to tap into the British civil solar market

Milton Keynes, UK, 9 September 2012 – Hanergy Holding Group Limited will provide IKEA stores in the UK with thin-film solar systems and a comprehensive homeowner service package that includes a full site survey, installation, fitting and a guarantee. As part of its partnership with IKEA UK, Hanergy will conduct three workshops at the IKEA Milton Keynes store this weekend.

“We believe in the growth potential of the British PV market. This is why Hanergy has decided to launch its small power generation systems in the UK. Our cooperation with IKEA was only a matter of time since we share the same principles of environmental protection and sustainable development” said Jason Chow, CEO of Hanergy Global Investment & Sales Pte. Ltd.

Hanergy rooftop units can help British households save up to 40% of their electricity bills. Eco-friendly home owners can actually make some money by selling back their unused electricity to the National Grid thanks to the feed-in-tariff (FiT) scheme.

About Hanergy

Hanergy Holding Group, Ltd. (Hanergy) is China’s largest privately held energy enterprise encompassing hydroelectricity, wind electricity and solar electricity generation and other energy related services. Its headquarters is located in Beijing, China, with branch offices in several Chinese provinces, North America, Europe, and the Asian Pacific region. We are an organization of more than five thousand scientists, engineers, technicians, and management and professional support staff dedicated to providing clean energy to our customers through technology innovation and excellent service.

Hanergy has experienced amazing growth since its founding in 1994. As of summer, 2012, Hanergy has interests in a total installed capacity of 6,000 MW from its completed and in-progress hydroelectric projects and 131 MW from wind electricity projects. Hanergy is heavily investing in solar photovoltaics (PV) research and manufacturing facilities in seven Chinese provinces: Sichuan, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Jiangsu. It is anticipated that by the end of 2012, Hanergy’s total PV production capacity shall reach 3 GW, the largest silicon thin film PV producer in the world. Hanergy is actively involved in developing power plants worldwide. It has entered into various power plant construction agreements with authorities and project owners in China, U.S.A and Europe. The total capacity of these solar electric power plant agreements is in excess of 10 GW. Hanergy has become a fully integrated clean energy enterprise in the energy industry from technology research, facilities manufacturing, PV cell production to solar power utilization.

UKBiz.TV work with Sculpture School

The Sculpture School’s online training courses are designed by Master Sculptor Andrew Sinclair ARBS, to teach you his tricks of the trade, learned in over 20 years of professional sculpting. This course will allow you to learn, in a practical fashion and using a variety of teaching materials, the basics of creating an armature, which is the essential first step in creating figurative sculpture.  Within 24 hours of your registration, we will email you the course materials containing The Sculpture School’s armature patterns.   You will need the documents provided to enable you to follow the practical instruction video, delivered by Andrew, in the online learning portal.The documentation and learning portal together, will allow you to learn how to make armatures, guided at every stage by the master of his art, Andrew Sinclair.We will be expanding the content in The Sculpture School’s online learning portal over the next few months.  If there is a particular aspect of sculpture that you would like us to include, or any comments, please get in touch, we’d love to hear your feedback.



Winston Churchill Animation


From when I was a child I marvelled at all cartoon programmes and was fascinated with how they were made.  What patience and skills the old Disney animators had and what a vision in pulling these drawings together to create a movie – simply fantastic.

Of course, these days their seems to be software that does everything and it is simply a minefield out there – trying to work out what is good and will it create what you have in your mind.

We were clear in what we we wanted to achieve as our first foray into animation.  We wanted to take a still picture and animate the head complete with lip-sync to audio.

We believe there is a market in bringing to life a dedicated character specifically designed to support the brand of a company.

If we could then add a suitable voice, lip-sync and animate we could then add this character to specific pages of a website to highlight and event or a service.

We will be bringing you more thoughts and examples of this but until then here is our first dabble with the great Winston Churchill.

All feedback, thoughts and discussion welcome.



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