UKBiz.TV Supporting Local Charities

In its ongoing effort to support local good causes UKBiz.TV recently filmed a great evening of boxing organised by the West Bletchley Boxing Club.

The WBBC was set up by Lee Smith who is a Police Constable with the Thames Valley Police. It’s aim is to encourage youngsters to join the club and to stop them from hanging around the local shops and streets, where they may succumb to anti- social behavior.

Each person is signed up to an ‘Acceptable Behavior Contract’ and this helps create a positive relationship between the Police and young people.

Here is a video from our YouTube Channel playing some exciting matches:

Another local charity we have supported is Horizon Sports Club. Horizon is a registered charity which provides a unique after school sports club in Buckinghamshire which offers special needs children the opportunity to develop both physically and socially through the enjoyment of sport.We were commissioned to film the 500th student volunteer.

Video is one of the most efficient tools of visual communication

Since its early days, video has been one of the most powerful and efficient tools of visual communication. It is able to deliver a direct and clear message to a broad audience as well as focus viewers on something particular. A visually appealing video is an excellent way to present a product, service or brand and take user experience to a much more interactive level. For this reason, elegant, creative and professional videos are becoming increasingly popular in Web design today.
Some designers go even further, creating Bluray-like experience in the browser, with interactive navigation menus, soft transitions and exceptional visual effects — all supported with background videos. This can be done with Flash or HTML5, however, most websites incorporate background videos using only Flash. To enable the rich cross-device experience, it is worth considering adding fallback-videos for those users who have a browser that does not support Flash. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to go into technical details just yet and wanted to see what actual approaches designers take within their websites.
The performance of a website including a background video depends significantly on the speed of the user’s internet connection. Video backgrounds certainly do not fit in every setting; they wouldn’t be meaningful in online magazines or blogs. However, they can work really well in entertainment and certain corporate settings which are supposed to communicate artistic qualities, exclusivity, branding or even high quality standards. As you will see, they work very well in portfolio websites, fashion websites and promotional campaigns. Below you’ll find a showcase of good and not so good websites that implement this dynamic eye candy at full screen.

This is a great article posted by Aygul Zagidullina on the Smashing Magazine website which goes on to provide lots of examples.

You can read the full article here: Creative use of background video